9th September - 14th December 2019. (Excluding Half Term w/c 21st October)

Monday at Esquires (downstairs)

  • 10.30-11am Tiny Tap (2.5-4 Years) Miss Alice

  • 11-11.30am Baby Ballet (2.5-4 Years) Miss Alice

Tuesdays at Esquires (downstairs)

  • 2-2.30pm Baby Ballet (2.5-4 years) Miss Alice

  • 3.45-4.15pm Shining Stars Hip Hop (Rec-Yr 1) Miss Alice

  • 4.15-4.45pm Shining Stars Ballet (Reception) Miss Alice

Wednesdays at Esquires (downstairs)

  • 9.45-10.15am You & Me Ballet (16 months - 2.5 years) Miss Claudia

  • 10.30-11am Baby Ballet (2.5-4 years) Miss Claudia

  • 4-4.30pm Didi Drama & Singing (2.5-4 years) Miss Nicole

  • 4.30-5.15pm Shining Stars Drama & Singing (Rec, Yr1, Yr2) Miss Nicole

Fridays at Esquires (downstairs)

  • 9.30-10am You & Me Ballet (16 months - 2.5 years) Miss Claudia

  • 10.10-10.40am Baby Ballet (2.5-4 years) Miss Claudia

  • 10.45-11.15am Tiny Tap (2.5-4 years) Miss Claudia

  • 11.20-11.50am Baby Ballet (2.5-4 years) Miss Claudia

  • 3.30-4pm Baby Ballet (2.5-4 years) Miss Claudia

  • 4-4.30pm Mini Hip Hop (2.5-4 years) Miss Claudia

  • 4.30-5pm Shining Stars Ballet (Reception) Miss Claudia

  • 5-5.30pm Shining Stars Hip Hop (Reception-Yr1) Miss Claudia

Saturdays at Esquires (downstairs)

  • 9-9.30am You & Me Ballet (16 months - 2.5 years) Miss Alice

  • 9.30-10am Baby Ballet (2.5-4 years) Miss Alice

  • 10-10.30am Mini Hip Hop (2.5-4 years) Miss Alice

  • 10.30-11am Baby Ballet (2.5-4 years) Miss Alice

  • 11-11.30am Shining Stars Ballet (Reception) Miss Alice

  • 11.30-12pm Shining Stars Hip Hop (Rec-Yr1) Miss Alice


BALLET ROUTE: Baby Ballet - Shining Stars Ballet - Primary Ballet - G1 Ballet - G2 Ballet - G3 Ballet - G4 Ballet - G5 Ballet - G6 Ballet - Intermediate Ballet

MODERN ROUTE: Mini Hip Hop - Shining Stars Hip Hop - G1 Modern - G2 Modern - G3 Modern - Bronze Jazz Award - G4 Modern - G5 Modern - Silver Jazz Award - G6 Modern - Intermediate Modern - Gold Jazz Award

STREET DANCE ROUTE: Mini Hip Hop - Shining Stars Hip Hop - G1 Modern - Junior Street Jazz - Inter Street Jazz OR Junior Hip Hop Boys Only - Inter Hip Hop Boys Only - Senior Hip Hop Boys Only

TAP ROUTE: Tiny Tap - Shining Stars Tap - Primary Tap - G1 Tap - G2 Tap - G3 Tap - G4 Tap - G5 Tap - G6 Tap - Intermediate Tap

CONTEMPORARY ROUTE: Mini Hip Hop/Baby Ballet - Shining Stars Hip Hop/Ballet - Primary Modern/Primary Ballet - G1 Modern/G1 Ballet - Junior Contemporary - Inter Contemporary - Senior Contemporary



9th September - 14th December 2019. (Excluding Half Term w/c 21st October)

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Monday at Esquires (downstairs)

Studio One

  • 5.30-6.30pm G4/5 Ballet Miss Emily

  • 6.30-7.15pm G4/5 Modern Miss Emily

  • 7.15-8.30pm G6 Ballet Miss Emily

Studio Two

  • 5.30-6.15pm Junior Boys Hip Hop (Yr3-Yr7) Joshua

  • 6.15-7pm Inter Boys Hip Hop (Yr8-Yr11) Joshua

Tuesdays at Esquires (downstairs)

Studio One

  • 4.45-5.15pm Grade 1 Modern (Yr1-Yr2) Miss Alice

  • 5.15-6pm Primary Ballet (Yr2) Miss Alice

  • 6-6.45pm Grade 3 Modern/Bronze Jazz Miss Alice

  • 6.45-7.30pm Junior Contemporary Miss Alice

  • 7.30-8.15pm Grade 4 Modern Miss Alice

  • 8.15-9pm Grade 6 Modern Miss Alice

Studio Two

  • 3.45-4.15pm Primary Modern (Rec-Yr1) Miss Sarah

  • 4.15-4.45pm Primary Ballet (Yr1) Miss Sarah

  • 4.45-5.15pm Primary Tap (Yr1-Yr2) Miss Sarah

  • 5.15-6pm Grade 1 Ballet (Yr3) Miss Sarah

  • 6-6.45pm Grade 2 Modern (Yr4) Miss Sarah

  • 6.45-7.30pm Private Lesson Sofia Miss Sarah

  • 7.30-8.45pm Intermediate Ballet Miss Sarah

Wednesdays at Esquires (downstairs)

Studio One

  • 5.15-6pm Junior Acting (Yr3-Yr5) Miss Nicole

  • 6-6.45pm Inter Acting (Yr6-Yr12) Miss Nicole

  • 6.45-7.45pm Inter Street Dance Miss Jade

  • 7.45-8.45pm Inter Contemporary Miss Jade

Studio Two

  • 4.30-5.15pm Junior Singing (Yr3-Yr5) Mr Tom

  • 5.15-6pm Inter Singing (Yr6-Yr12) Mr Tom

Thursdays at Esquires (downstairs)

Studio One

  • 5-5.30pm Grade 1 Tap Miss Tara

  • 5.30-6.15pm Grade 1 Ballet Miss Tara

  • 6.15-7pm Grade 2 Tap Miss Tara

  • 7-7.45pm Grade 4 Tap Miss Tara

  • 7.45-8.30pm Grade 6 Tap Miss Tara

Saturdays at Esquires (downstairs)

Studio One

  • 12-12.30pm Grade 1 Hip Hop / Modern (Yr1-Yr2) Miss Alice

  • 12.30-1pm Primary Ballet (Yr1-Yr2) Miss Alice

  • 1-1.30pm Primary Tap (Yr1-Yr2) Miss Alice

  • 1.30-5.15pm Production Class Miss Nicole/Miss Kayleigh//Miss Emily/Henry

    This class is AUDITION ONLY. Please email info@redstartheatrearts.com

Studio Two

  • LAMDA Acting Private lessons Miss Nicole

    Please email info@redstartheatrearts.com to enquire about Private LAMDA lessons