Upper School Acting & Singing

Being a triple threat is key if you want to make it into the industry! Learning how to sing, dance and act at the same time creates all round professional performers. At Red Star we offer Acting & Singing Technique classes as well as a Musical Theatre Production class for children from 5years +. Alongside the group classes we also offer LAMDA Acting Private lessons & Examinations.


Acting Technique Classes -

Wednesday’s from 5.15pm

Acting classes are about more than simply learning to read a script or create a character; they are an advantage to children in their development in every day life. Acting teaches them important listening and communication skills, as well as encourages them to use their imagination. Participating in regular acting classes teaches children the importance of teamwork, self-control and empathy, and helps them to grow in confidence each week. 

Here at Red Star, each week students participate in a warm up consisting of diction, breathing, and articulation exercises. This provides the children with a solid foundation of techniques that can be applied to any style of acting.  Each class is specifically tailored to the ability of the students and follows a carefully thought out lesson plan. In addition to this, each half-term focuses on a different topic, for example; Acting for Screen, Devising Theatre, Understanding Shakespeare, Contemporary Script Work, Directing Theatre and Characterisation and Improvisation. As the children become more advanced they will begin to learn about different practitioners and their methods, and how these can be applied to a rehearsal. 

Acting is timetabled for one hour a week at Red Star. Held every Wednesday 5.15-6.15pm.


Singing Technique Classes -

Wednesday’s from 4.30pm

In singing, classes will begin with a vocal warm up in which the children will develop their diaphragmatic support, vocal projection and breathing. They will then learn to sing songs from all types of genres, including Musical Theatre and Pop.  Whilst learning these songs the children will develop their knowledge and understanding of vocal placement and how to achieve different vocal qualities. Eventually they will learn to apply these qualities to different characters and genres of music. Throughout their training students will learn musical terminology, and improve on their ability to work as a group and sing in harmony.

Singing group classes are split into Juniors and Inters. They run every Wednesday after school.

Juniors - 4.30-5.15pm

Inters 6.15-7pm


Musical Theatre Shows-

Saturday’s from 1.30pm

We combine song, dance and drama into a fast paced, exciting class every Saturday at Red Star! In this class children work on two productions a year held in a local theatre.

September - March… BIG Musical production! 6 months rehearsal period

April - July … SMALLER Musical Production or Play! 4 months rehearsal period

Students must audition for their roles, attend recall auditions and if successful commit to the full rehearsal period.

Students are currently rehearsing Peter Pan to be performed in March 2019!!

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